Know What To Build Before You Build It.

Developed at Google. Perfected at Stanford. Executed in Australia.

Used by organizations and startups around the world.

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Discover Pretotyping.

Developed at Google by Alberto Savoia (now a Stanford educator), Pretotyping is a way to test an idea quickly and inexpensively by creating simple, working Minimum Viable Products (MVP).

Pretotyping can set the stage for an effective prototyping process without wasting resources on dead-end development.

Pretotyping combines the smallest possible investment of time, money, and resources with the strongest possible learnings.


What customers are saying

Accelerator Pretotyping for Tayble

Tayble logo

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the workshop at slingshot, very insightful and we will definitely be implementing a lot of it right away.

Domino’s Australia Pretotyping

Dominos Pretotyping

…we lived in opinion land. We’d sit around a room with people who are supposed to have … the insights and we’d spend a lot of money if we went into testing and research.

…in the world of data, we can ‘pretotype’ ideas for a fraction of the cost, which means we can test more ideas and we can become more innovative. We have less failures and less gut-feel.


Accelerator Pretotyping for Tailor Brews

Tailor Brews

I was very lucky to sit in on your pretotyping workshop yesterday at the Slingshot accelerator. Thanks for your insights, definitely something I want to implement in my start-up to help us get clarity.


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Our Roots Are In Google & Stanford.

The concept was originally developed by Alberto Savoia, Google’s Engineering Director, and Innovation Agitator. Since then, Pretotyping has spread quickly and globally.

Alberto’s book ‘Pretotype It’ has already been translated into several languages, and classes on Pretotyping are taught at Stanford and other universities globally.

We’re Bringing Pretotyping To Australia

We were trained in Pretotyping by Alberto Savoia using his proprietary techniques and concepts. We have implemented Pretotyping in corporates, startups and scaling businesses throughout Australia.

We believe Pretotyping is the most effective way to find, validate and prove the right idea, faster than ever before.

Get started with pretotyping

We've helped businesses save millions of dollars by not building the wrong ideas. To start Pretotyping, we recommend a free 15-minute call to find out more.

Whether you’re interested in workshops, consulting or just understanding more about the Pretotyping concept, we’ll help you to make Pretotyping work for you and your organisation.

For more information, or to book a call, please get in touch below

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