Get Ready for Rapid Experimentation using Pretotyping.

Here’s how you can get started.

Apex innovation
& Pretotyping
for Leaders

  • Learn why Apex Innovators like GAFA (Google, Apple Facebook, Amazon) run hundreds of experiments continuously to discover and launch new products that customers love. Understand how they get data from customers in a few days or weeks to pick the winning ideas to pursue.
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Pretotyping Workshop
for Teams

  • Train your teams with the skills to figure out ‘Should we build it?” vs “can we build it?”. Proven techniques to run hundreds of experiments at low cost to innovate across the business. Focus your innovation investment on the right products and ideas for by getting data (skin in the game) from customers in days before building anything.
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Experimentation using Pretotyping

  • Position your business to innovate at pace as it continues on the journey of discovering potential new business models, services, and products. Our team works on-site with your team to filter ideas, test assumptions and use Pretotyping to deliver validated and invalidated experiments based on rapid customer data.
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  • Help you structure Innovation Teams and Initiatives to deliver results.
    Design the most effective Innovation approach to exploit or defend against Exponential Technologies impacting your business.
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Happy Pretotypers

Tailor Brews

I was very lucky to sit in on your pretotyping workshop yesterday at the Slingshot accelerator. Thanks for your insights, definitely something I want to implement in my start-up to help us get clarity.

– Ben, Founder

Domino’s Australia

…we lived in opinion land. We’d sit around a room with people who are supposed to have … the insights and we’d spend a lot of money if we went into testing and research.

…in the world of data, we can ‘pretotype’ ideas for a fraction of the cost, which means we can test more ideas and we can become more innovative. We have fewer failures and less gut-feel.

– Don Meij, CEO

Slingshot Lion Accelerator Program

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the workshop at Slingshot, very insightful and we will definitely be implementing a lot of it right away.

– Chris, Founder